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Flirty Text Messages to Send

 Flirty text messages are one of the best ways to show someone you like them more than a friend. Maneuvering through the dating scene can be tough. Get your love interests' attention by sending flirty texts and gauging their response.

Below are great examples of different types of messages to send to a guy or girlthat you're interested in to keep the conversation going or end on a good note. Whether it's cute to down right dirty find the right words to put yourself out there, Start a new romance and find love with these top flirty text messages.

  • Laters, Baby ;)
  • I may run out of messages to text you. I may run out of jokes, too. I may also run out of battery, but my heart won't run out of space for you!
  • So if I am right, you talked to me first and texted me first. Does that mean you are stalking me? I like it!
  • You're in my 4AM thoughts. 


  • I'll admit you're on my mind more than just sometimes. 


  • Hey u;)


  • Ugh, I have a problem I can't stop thinking about you. 


  • Morning sleepyhead... hope you have a great day! xo


  • Send me a picture so I can tell Santa my wish list.


  • Let's make like fabric softener and snuggle.


  • Let's commit the perfect crime: I'll steal your heart, and you steal mine.


  • I'm thinking when you wear _________ it really turns me on!


  • Would u rather... get your foot stuck in a bear trap or hang out with me this weekend?


  • Serious issue: can't stop thinking about u.


  • Bored @ home... up for a Sunday Funday?


  • Thou art to me a delicious torment.


  • How you doin'? ;)


  • Hey, cutie. =)


  • Where have you been hiding?


  • Been a while. Thought I'd say hello.


  • KOTC --> Kiss On The Cheek


  • :-*( --> I'd like more than just a kiss on the cheek


  • BMHWB --> Be My Hot Water Bottle


  • :-9 --> Licking Lips


  • Come save me ;)

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